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Simple comme Sylvain (The Nature of Love) – April 20th at 3pm

Simple comme Sylvain (The Nature of Love) Saturday April 203 pm  110 min
At Hudson Village Theatre

Sophia, a 40-year-old philosophy professor, is in a stable if somewhat socially-conforming relationship with Xavier. From gallery openings to endless dinner parties, ten years have already flown by. Sylvain is a craftsman, renovating Sophia and Xavier’s new country house. When Sophia and Sylvain meet, Sophia’s world is turned upside down. Opposites attract, but can they last? A bitterly droll romantic comedy that pokes fun at the genre itself. Director Monia Chokri asks you to sit with her characters who can’t move out of their own ways to make anything work in their lives. As sharp and perceptive as it is funny.