Hudson Film Festival 2024 FAQ

Ru – April 19th at 2pm

Ru Tuesday April 192 pm  120 min
At Hudson Village Theatre

Based on the Governor General’s Award-winning novel by Kim Thúy, Ru is the story of the arduous journey of a wealthy family fleeing from Vietnam, before landing in Quebec. Vietnamese Tinh and her family are accepted as refugees in Canada and arrive in Granby where they begin their new life. But for Tinh, adapting has its share of difficulties. Already shy and reserved by nature, she must learn a new language and integrate into her new environment. Haunted by the hardships of the journey, Tinh will have to draw deep within herself the resilience necessary for her survival and her happiness. Director Charles-Olivier Michaud’s tender, visually lovely film adaptation of her experience as a Vietnamese refugee is a credit to her love letter to Canadians.