Indian Horse

Friday, June 1 – 2:00 and 7:30


Indian Horse

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Indian Horse

Director: Stephan Campanelli
Cast: Sladen Peltier , Forrest Goodluck, Ajuawak Kapashesit
Time: 101 min
Country: Canada
Year: 2018
Language: English

In late 1950s Ontario, seven year-old Saul Indian Horse is torn from his Ojibway family
and committed to one of Canada’s notorious Catholic residential schools. In this
oppressive environment, Saul is denied the freedom to speak his language or embrace his
indigenous heritage and he witnesses all kinds of abuse at the hands of the very people
who were entrusted with his care. Despite this, Saul finds salvation in the unlikeliest of
places and favourite Canadian pastimes–hockey. Fascinated by the game, he secretly
teaches himself how to not only play but develops a unique and rare skill. It’s as if he has
eyes in the back of his head and can see the game in a way no other player can. His talent
leads him away from the misery of the school to a Northern Ontario native league and
eventually the pros. But the ghosts of Saul’s past will always haunt him. Forced to
confront painful memories and revelations, Saul draws on the spirit of his ancestors and
the understanding of his friends to gain the compassion he so sorely needs in order to
begin healing. Indian Horse is a survivors’ tale that foregrounds the indomitable spirit of
North America’s indigenous peoples in the face of aggressive assimilation policies and
racism. Saul Indian Horse’s story can be a tool to help foster further compassion and
understanding, and in the process, become universal.

Indian Horse


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