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Le Club Vinland

Saturday, May 14

8.00 pm: Le Club Vinland (drama) 125 min (live)

Winter 1949. An exceptional teacher, highly devoted to the development of his students, Brother Jean has long been the figurehead of a school for boys in Charlevoix, Québec. Adulated by the young students and supported by the school’s director, Brother Jean exercises a broad leadership and isn’t hesitant to employ unusual educational methods.

A passionate amateur archaeologist, Brother Jean advances a theory that Vikings were established a thousand years earlier along the coast of the St. Lawrence River – the famous Vinland of Norwegian sagas. But the arrival of a new student – Émile, a troubled 13-year-old – soon upsets the delicate arrangement. The disruption will have serious consequences for Jean and young Emile. Won Audience Favourite Award, Cinefest Sudbury, in 2021.