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Drunken Birds.

Saturday, May 14

1.00 pm: Drunken Birds. (drama) 105 min. (live) (stream)

A riveting, visually striking drama about globalization, It follows a Mexican drug-cartel driver, Willy who falls in love with his boss’s wife. Fearing exposure, they flee — in separate directions. Willy eventually arrives in Quebec, where he believes his lost love took refuge with relatives. While searching for her, he signs on with a crew of migrant workers on a family farm., Willy realizes life there isn’t so different from his experience with the cartel.

It tells a powerful tale exposing the exploitation and disparity inherent in class relations. The filmmakers craft a universe that’s equal parts magic realist, naturalistic, romantic and full of indelible images. Canada’s selection for the 2022 Oscar’s.

Drunken Birds