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Cafe Daughter – April 16th at 7.30pm

Café Daughter

Café Daughter Tuesday April 167.30 pm  97 min
At Hudson Village Theatre

Tells the story of a nine year old half-Chinese half-Cree girl, Yvette Wong. On top of struggling to find her place in a small Saskatchewan community in the 1960s, she is also faced with the passing of her mother, who always told her children not to let anyone know they were Native Indian, as she believed they would have a better life if this information was kept hidden. Yvette confronts racism on the prairies in the classroom, with teachers and fellow students letting her know she is different from them. Despite wanting to be a doctor, her teacher states that girls can’t be doctors. When her Cree ancestry is revealed at school, Yvette confronts discrimination, but perseveres to pursue her dream of going to medical school. “I faced a lot of discrimination as a woman scientist. I can remember saying to myself, if my mother could do what she did in her lifetime under the circumstances…. Well, then I would be damned if I was going to let some man push me out of my job.”